How To Display 100 Google Search Results in Single Page

How To Display 100 Google Search Results in Single Page
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Google is the No 1 search engine in the world and almost 90% of people search their queries in google search engine. It gives results very fast when some one search on google. When you type something in google it gives instant search results with 10 results per page. If you are tired of scrolling google search results with 10 results, then you can display 100 google search results in one page to get better results.

Google implements instant search and displays 10 search results as soon as you type in search query. Google Only displays instant results if it is ok with the internet connection and computer speed as shown. This is mentioned in the google search settings.

Display 100 Google Search Results in One Page :

It is good idea to display large number of results in single page when you want to look for more detailed search results. It is also best for some one who dislike google search navigation methods of multiple pages.

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Google Search settings allows you to dislay upto 100 search results per single page. To make it first you need to turn off google instant search results. Follow the below steps.


Now you will see the option of results per page slider. The slider will become active only when you turn off google instant search results. Drag the slider to 100 pages and save the settings.

Refresh google home page and type anything to search, now you will see 100 search results in single page of google search results. Share this information with your friends on social media. Follow our website to get all latest updates for windows, android, online & health tips. Thank you.

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