Top 5 Best Internet Speed Test Tools To Check Your Internet Speed For Free

Top 5 Best Internet Speed Test Tools To Check Your Internet Speed For Free
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Are you facing slow internet speed connection from your network provider and want to check the actual internet speed your network is providing then you need to go for speed test tools. Today in this article we provide you top 5 best internet speed test tools to check your internet speed on your computer. These best internet speed testers are useful to find out whether your internet provider is providing good internet speed or not.

Today everyone is using internet and the demand for internet is growing day by day. Many internet service providers allocate the same available bandwidth to all of their users, and finally internet speed slow down. Sometimes internet servers fail and causing low internet speed, so testing twice or thrice may helps you to come to conclusion about your internet network connection. If you want to know your speed of internet then simply follow best internet speed test tools provided below to check internet speed. Watch movies, video and TV shows online using Vidmate App.

There are many internet speed test tools available online but only some of them provide the exact results by taking server response time and connection availability. In this article we are providing top 5 best internet speed test tools to check your internet speed accurately.

Best Internet Speed Test Tools To Check Internet Speed :

Speed Test :

best internet speed test tools

  • Speed test is a free online internet speed test tool which I have using for many years to check my internet speed.
  • It uses a flash based applet, lightweight and didn’t seem to have a noticeable impact on testing speeds.
  • You can get the most full-featured iteration of the test on, which is owned by Ookla.
  • With access to over 2,500 different test servers, it will quickly return upload and download speed, latency, and packet loss.
  • user interface is also very simple. Just click on Begin Test and after few seconds you can find downlaod and upload speed on internet.

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best internet speed test tools

  • is best free internet speed test tool to check your internet speed. It is a modern DSL speed test to analyze your broadband internet access.
  • is a perfect tool for a fast speed check all over the worldwide.
  • It is different from all other online internet speed test tools and unique in itself as it not only provides details information of your download and upload speed of internet connection but also gives quick analysis along with graphs.
  • It measures your internet speed to the server closest to you and tells you just how fast your connection is in today’s digital age.
  • tests all kinds of internet connections like broadband, fibre, 3G, HSPA or 4G.
  • You can test all kind of connections (LTE, UMTS, GPRS, ISDN, DSL, VDSL or cable). All tests are performed within your browser.

BandWidthPlace :

best internet speed test tools

  • BandWidthPlace is also one og the best tool to measure and manage your bandwidth performance.
  • It is one of those best free internet speed test tools allows you to measure internet speed of desktops, laptops, Smartphone, mobiles etc.
  • Bandwidthplace is the HTML5-based speed test, and pushes aside anything that might get in the way of accurate results, and is lightweight enough to run on a large number of devices.
  • Also you can select specific locations and servers to see how your latency and speeds are affected by distance.

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TestMySpeed :

internet speed test tools

  • TestMySpeed is also one of the most popular internet speed test tool testing internet speed of various internet connections since 2000.
  • Using TestMySpeed, you can check your internet speed easily for free.
  • It is easy and simple to use, just click on Start Speed Test and wait for some time you can find download and upload speed of your internet connection. :

internet speed test tool

  • is also one of the most speed test tool to check internet speed at free.
  • The Speakeasy Speed Test checks your connection’s download and upload speeds directly from your browser.
  • Bandwidth speed tests are used by both businesses and residences to keep tabs on the speed and quality of the connection coming from their broadband provider.
  • Simply choose your location and it will take care rest of the things.

Conclusion :

 That’s all guys, these are the top 5 best internet speed test tools to check internet speed online for free. If you know any other internet speed test tools other than this please let us know and we will add it to the list. If you find it useful then share it with friends on social media. Thank you.

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