Best Ways To Increase Android Mobile Battery Life – Tips & Tricks 2018

Best Ways To Increase Android Mobile Battery Life – Tips & Tricks 2018
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Now a days every one is using android on their smartphones or tablet devices. It is the most popular and widely used mobile operating system in the world. Android is very simple to use and millions of applications available in play store. It has tremendous features available beyond anyone’s expectations.

Android mobile phones are very useful to people and any one can operate it with little bit of knowledge, but the main drawback of android is battery life. The more features you use the less battery life is your device.

Some applications and features discharge your battery very quickly. In order to save battery life android users are thinking in an intelligent manner to save energy on their phones. Here we are presenting some simple tips and tricks to increase android mobile battery life. Simply change this settings on your device and you will be able to increase battery life of your mobile phone.

increase android mobile battery life

Tips To Increase Android Mobile Battery Life :

Change the below setting to increase battery life of your android mobile phone.

1)  Use apps only you require and turn of remaining

When you are using android phone use only apps that you want to use and turn off remaining which are not important to you.

Go to settings->Applications->Running services. Here you can see all running applications and turn off apps which are not required right now.

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2) use less brightness

Higher brightness causes you eye problems and decreases battery life, so make sure you always use low brightness on your android phone. Go to settings->Display->Brightness and change the settings.

3)Get away from Sync

If you added gmail to your android phone and enabled sync on mobile phone, then it will send lot of information to your google account. It contails all information about your twitter and facebook etc. Go to settings->Accounts & syc and switch off sync for all the accounts on your device.

4)Decrease Screen Timeout

Screen timeout is also major battery saver. If you set larger time it drains lot of battery, so always set screen timeout to less time which eventually saves battery life. Go to settings->Display->Screen Timeout and change the settings.

5) Turn off Data

Internet usage drops battery life by almost 50%, so use internet only when needed and turn off data when not required. You can change this by going to settings->Mobile data and turn off it.

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6)Turn of GPS Settings 

GPS allows you to track location of your device, wi-fi networks and cell phone towers eventually by takes huge amount of battey. So use it only when you want to find location and switch it off when not required. Go to settings->Location & Settings->GPS Settings and turn it off.

7)Turn off Wi-Fi 

Wi-Fi also takes lot of battery same like data connection. When you are not using it simply turn it off and increase android mobile battery life.

8)Only install light games

Games are most popular in android devices and installing high quality graphics games makes your device to use high RAM and higher battery. So to increase the performance of your battery always install light and small games. If your device don’t have any games then your device will definitely performs better.

9)Turn off Bluetooth

Bluethooth also takes much energy to transfer files from one device to another device. Make sure you turn off it when you are not using it. Go to settings->Wireless and Networks->Bluetooth settings and turn it off.

10) Turn on Airplane Mode when you are travelling

If you are travelling to long distances then making your mobile airplane mode allows you to save battery. By keeping mobile in airplane mode your device don’t take much battery.

That’s it all about how to increase android mobile battery life using simple tips and tricks. If you know any other ways to save battery life then let us know, so that we can also share it with other persons. Thank you.

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