What Are The Main Causes And Preventive Measure Of Arthritis

What Are The Main Causes And Preventive Measure Of Arthritis
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Arthritis means inflammation of joints of the hands and legs. At present you are healthy & free from health problems. But there is no guaranty you can stay healthy for ever. You need to take care of health, and need to give attention to your joints. If you not take proper care to your joints and bones you are going suffer very badly with arthritis and other bone deformities.

causes and preventive measures of arthritis

Causes and Preventive measures  of arthritis :

 Obesity :

Excessive body weight can put more pressure on your knees and joint. Because of weight your joints  need to do more friction. So obesity is one of the main cause of arthritis.

Preventive measure :

Keep your body weight in normal. Because of this your joints can move freely. And friction between joints are going to reduce. By losing weight you can make a lot of differences in your joint health.

Dehydration :

Dehydration is one of the main cause for arthritis. our body is having 7o % of water . Because of dehydration our body is going to use water in our body including in cartilages also. So the cartilages become dry and soft movement are become hard.

Preventive measure :

Drink more water than  we can able to prevent more diseases. Dehydration is one the cause for many disorders. Drink minimum 2 to 3 liters of water.

Diet :

Balanced diet is very important for joint health. Because of poor dieting pattern many people are prone to arthritis. Deficit in vitamin-D & C and Omega-3, calcium are playing crucial role in bone and joint health. Because of these deficiencies bone calcification is going to reduce &  increase the chance of arthritis.

Preventive measures :

Take Vitamin -c resources like potato, tomato, strawberries, are some of the food sources are rich in vitamin -c

Vitamin -D resources are fatty fish , salmon fish, sunlight etc….

Also Know about :

Omega-3 resources are fish oil, you can take fish oil directly. By adding these food items in your diet means you can able to prevent the occurrence of arthritis.

Physical activity (or ) exercise : 

Lack of exercises and physical activity  your joints are going to  be stiff and friction is happening  in your joints.

Preventive measures :

Do at least 30 minutes simple exercises daily. Because of this your joints can able to move freely and stiffness is going to reduce. It also improve your joint ability & muscle strength.

Injuries :

Injuries in early years of life  is one of the main reason for arthritis in later years. No injured them self  wantedly. It should happen accidentally. Injuries to the knee caps and ankle joints will develop the cracks in cartilages , because of this the movement become hard and painful. So Be care your self, and protect your self from injuries.

High blood sugar : 

High blood sugar is the one of the causes for arthritis. Because of this certain chemicals will develop in your body. Which make cartilages rigid and more susceptible to prone stress.

Preventive measure :

Controlling abnormal blood sugar levels is very important. Because of this you can able to reduce the risk of inflammation that can lead to cartilage damage and joints degeneration.

These are the causes and preventive measures of arthritis. By following these tips you can be able to improve your bone health and rescue from arthritis. Share this information with your relatives and help them from arthritis. Thank you.

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