Five Types Of Foods That Help To Strengthen Children Teeth

Five Types Of Foods That Help To Strengthen Children Teeth
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Children have  their own choice when it comes  to food items. They attacked unhealthy  foods easily compare to good foods. Because it’s very tasty than  healthy foods. Here all foods are not bad to your child health some foods are good too.

Here we presenting some foods which helps  strengthen your children s teeth.




will loosen plaque and improves the good antibodies in the mouth. It also keep gums hydrate. But too much is not recommended once in a while is good.

sugarless gums


But it is are not the favourite food item for children. But make some of the vegetables as in their food. make it in some different dips. and give it to them. Vegetables like, Beans, cauliflower, and carrot, celery are chewing foods. which cleans the teeth. Try to make it part in your children s food.



Foods like yogurt, cheese,milk having natural sugars. Which are rich in vitamin-D, calcium, Phosphate. While consuming these products the ph level in mouth is increases  and acid secretion is going to  reduce and problem of dental cavities are going to reduce.


Fruits like orange, kiwi, strawberries, guava, papaya, lemon, helps in kill bacteria which causing gingivitis. They also add good collagen to children s gums. But remember one think tell to your children eat citrus fruits after 30 minutes of brushing, just because of it’s acid nature. It will cause damage to your teeth.

vitamin c foods


Encourage your children take more water. It will prevent the dryness of mouth, and prevent the bad odour of mouth also. So encourage to take more amount of water.


Maintaining proper oral hygiene also important in increasing the strength of dental life. So encourage the child to follow good oral hygiene. And observe them.

These are the foods that help to strengthen children teeth. So encourage children to take these foods regularly to improve dental life.

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