Install 2 Whatsapp ( Dual Whatsapp ) Accounts in Single Mobile Phone – Whatsapp Tricks 2016

Install 2 Whatsapp ( Dual Whatsapp ) Accounts in Single Mobile Phone – Whatsapp Tricks 2016
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Hello friends, here we came with another latest update on how to use dual whatsapp accounts in single mobile phone. We all know that we can use only one whatsapp account in any mobile phone and what would you do if you have dual sim mobile and you want to use 2 whatsapp accounts with both sims? Here comes the actual problem for using muttiple whatsapp accounts on single device. Don’t worry, now you can use dual whatsapp accounts on your mobile phone using OG Whatsapp. It is also similar to whatspp which is used to install 2 whatsapp accounts on your android device. In this article we give you complete tutorial on how to install 2 whatsapp accounts on your android smartphone or tablet.

Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app in the world. Nearly 90% of mobile users use whatsapp on their smartphones and tablets. You can also use whatsapp on pc using Web Whatsapp. Whatsapp is available for all kinds of mobile devices like Android, IOS and Windows Phone. To use dual whatsapp accounts in single device, simply follow this article with step by step guide to install 2 whatsapp accounts on your android device.


To use mutiple whatsapp accounts, first you need to have OG Whatsapp on your mobile device. OG Whatsapp is a third-party application used to use mutiple accounts on whatsapp. You can get it on Google Play also. Follow the steps shown below to use 2 whatsapp accoounts on your android phone.

Step By Step Guide To Use Dual Whatsapp Accounts (Multiple) in Single Device :

Before going to install OG Whatsapp on your android phone, you need to perform few actions for your already existing whatsapp account.

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Perform these actions before going through OG Whatsapp:

  • Take Full Back up of your old whatsapp messages and data which is installed previously.
  • It is mandatory if you don’t want to loose all your conversations and pictures.

Steps to Backup Conversations and data :

  • Go to settings and then click on chat settings, then you can see backup chats and click on it to create a backup of your messages.


  • Now go to setting and clear whatsapp data.


  • Go to “/SD Card/Whatsapp” folder and rename the folder to “OG WhatsApp”. (Most Important Step)


  • Now, un install the official Whatsapp application.
  • Install OG Whatsapp on your phone.
  • It asks you to enter mobile number while installing it. Give your old mobile number that is used in Whatsapp official app and click OK.
  • Now you can use OG Whatsapp account with your old mobile number.

With the above steps, you can backup your old messages and data and you can see them in your new OG Whatsapp account.

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Steps to use 2 whatsapp Account :

  • Go to Google Play Store and install Official Whatsapp application.
  • Whatsapp App asks you to verify your mobile number.
  • Provide new mobile number to use another whatsapp account on your smartphone or tablet.

Now your Mobile or Tablet is ready to use dual whatsapp accounts without any problems.

I hope this article helped you to create 2 whatsapp accounts on single phone using OG Whatsapp. If you still have any problems while doing the above process, feel free to contact us. Share this article with your friends on social meda like facebook, twitter and google+ etc.

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