Tips To Increase Browsing Speed in Google Chrome By 200% – Easy and Simple Guide

Tips To Increase Browsing Speed in Google Chrome By 200% – Easy and Simple Guide
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Hello friends, Welcome to our guide on tricks & tips to increase browsing speed in Google chrome. All of us know chrome is the fastest browser for pc on windows or mac computers to load pages much faster than any other browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer etc. So almost 90% of users use google chrome to search on internet on their desktops. You can still increase your browsing speed by almost 200% by following some simple tips on google chrome. Increasing browsing speed on pc saves lot of time and data for you.


Google Chrome has lot of features to make it as for your requirements, you can increase internet speed on chrome browser by making small changes in google chrome settings options. In this tutorial we guide you some easy and simple tips to increase browsing speed on chrome browser by changing small modifications in settings options.

Top 5 Tips To Increase Browsing Speed in Google Chrome using Simple Techniques :

Follow the simple steps and apply in your chrome browser setting to increase internet speed on your pc or laptop.

1)  Pre fetch Data to load faster :

Make sure your google chrome browser is enabled with pre fetch resources to load pages quickly. Pre fetching of data makes the browser to load all the pages on webpage automatically before you click on it. When you click on any link the page will load quickly without any delay.

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To enable pre fetch data go to Google Chrome Settings -> Show advanced settings ->  pre fetch resources to load pages more quickly as shown in the image.


2) Disable Extensions :

Extensions take lot of time and data while loading internet web pages. So disable extensions that you don’t want to use and only enable which are most important for your browsing.

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To disable extensions open settings-> extensions and disable extensions which are not usable.


3) Hide Images :

Some times we want only content and we don’t bother about images. Images automatically decrease loading time of web pages. When you are searching for content hide images to load pages quickly.

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To disable images goto settings-> show advanced settings -> Privacy- content settings and click on do not show any images.


4) Clear Browsing Data :

Try to clear all browsing data to make your browser load faster. To load faster of web pages clear data from the beginning of time for faster loading of pages.

You can clear your browsing data using by Pressing Ctr+Shift+Del keys or  settings-> show advanced settings -> Privacy- Clear Browsing data. 


5) Remove Apps :

Remove unwanted apps from chrome browser for speed internet of websites. Un install apps that you don’t want for loading webpages quickly.

These are the top 5 tips to increase browsing speed in google chrome for desktop or laptop. If you know any other methods or tips to boost internet speed share with us, so that we can also help others for faster loading of web pages. Share this information with your friends on social media. Thank you.

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